Festive Blend


Formerly Christmas Blend
Every Day is a Festive Day!

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Rich, spicy-warm scent: this blend including frankincense & myrrh, produces an enhanced ‘synergy’ effect.

Key Benefits

Comforting & uplifting, natural room fragrance, purifying air-freshener.

*** Editor’s Choice – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017


Vaporise: 5-6 drops
. Pot pourris: 2-3 drops. Room freshener:
6 drops to aqua plant-spray.
Tips: May also be used to scent household items, such as festive decorations. For pot pourris recipes see ‘Heaven Scent’ by Julia Lawless. (BOOKS).


Do not apply to the skin. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Seek advice if pregnant. Not suitable for infants. Store away from children. Possible skin sensitizer.

Further information about making fragrant gifts can be found in Julia Lawless’s book ‘Heaven Scent: Aromatic Christmas Crafts, Recipes & Decorations’ as well as her other books.


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